December 10, 2018

Holiday Sale & EAM Art Exhibit!

Holiday Sale & EAM Art Exhibit!

Hey Friends!
Here's a very cool art exhibition I helped an artist friend (David Wallace Haskins) with! Even children and non-artists will love it, I promise. There's some video and light installations and then a big room of mirrors you can walk on and see all the infinite reflections. Elmhurst Art Museum, where the exhibit is located, has an original Mies Van Der Rohe house on its location, and we've covered the whole south section of the house with mirrors on the ceiling and on the floor. You can walk right on the mirrors all over the room, (short skirts and kilts not advised).
We (Carlson Paint, Glass, & Art Stores Inc.) helped David with his first major work "The Sky Wall" in Glen Ellyn by providing the giant mirror, and David has gone on to make some other incredible works and installations. His "Sky Cube", is also just outside of the museum on permanent display. He's been building these around the country. They are giant metal cubes with a viewing square cut out in the front where you see the reflection of the sky moving inside. Check out the link for details, it goes until January 20th as of now.

Also, our Holiday Sale is going at the Art & Framing store! Come on in and get great deals on paint, canvas, art kits, art supplies, framing projects, and more.

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Thanks for your time!

Brad Carlson